CCHS is calling for amendments to the county's ordinances
regarding animals.


The Carroll County Humane Society is calling for amendments to the county's ordinances regarding animals. We have held a town hall meeting, met with county officials and employees involved with animal welfare, and studied animal welfare regulations across Georgia and in other states before drafting our proposal. We held talks with the head of animal services (who has since left the position) and the chief animal control officer to compare and coordinate our efforts to develop a resolution to present to the county commissioners. On August 30, a draft resolution dealing with amending the animal ordinances was brought before the board of commissioners at a work session and we offered our input on the strengths and deficiencies of that resolution. Chairman Smith requested that the county attorney's office and the animal services department continue to work with CCHS to improve the resolution and then bring it back to the board.. At that point, for a variety of reasons, the effort seemed to stall, but we are determined to move things forward as soon as possible. The animals who would benefit from these changes need us to speak on their behalf and get them the improvements they deserve. It is long past time to forbid owners to leave their dogs tied to a tree all day every day. It is long past time to outlaw leaving pets exposed to dangerous weather conditions.

We invite you to look at the materials presented here outlining our proposed amendments and their rationale and the current county animal ordinance. We have also included a list of county commissioners who will be voting on the measure along with their contact information. Please let your commissioner know where you stand on this issue and help us get this much-needed improvement passed as soon as possible.

We propose two changes to the existing ordinance that would greatly improve the lives of dogs who live outdoors. First, we want to end the tethering of dogs to stationary objects, such as a tree or a dog house. Such tethering limits the mobility of the dog, as the chain or tether can get wrapped around the object. Our proposed change to the ordinance would not outlaw tethering entirely, but instead require that a dog that is tethered must have its tether attached to a swivel in the ground, so that the dog can move in all directions freely or, preferably be attached to a runner or trolley system, allowing the animal far more range of movement. We support a cable runner, rather like a pulley attached to a clothesline, so that the dog can move in all directions.

The other change we propose is a requirement that during weather extremes, dogs be brought into a man-made structure to protect them from the elements. Most of the time, a sturdy and well-ventilated dog house is sufficient shelter. However, when the temperature is extremely low or extremely high or when there is a weather emergency like a flood or a tornado, a dog house is simply not sufficient. Our suggested amendment does not require people to bring animals into their homes. A barn, garage, basement, or shed will suffice if the temperature in that structure is in a safe range, between 40 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.


Proposed amendments to animal services proposal

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