Volunteer Opportunities

The Carroll County Humane Society

A member of the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce and a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation.

People often ask how they can help Carroll County’s animals or how they can become more involved in the work of the Humane Society. Did you know that all of the people that work with Carroll County Humane Society are volunteers? Here are some of the ways available to you depending on your individual circumstances:

The Society is staffed entirely by volunteers who serve on the Board of Directors and on the various committees dealing with the general topics of Animal Shelter and Welfare; Education; Fundraising and Events; Spay/Neuter Issues; Newsletter; Grant Writing; Foster and Adoptions; Planning; Membership; and Publicity.

Volunteer opportunities include:

Education programs, such as planning and presenting workshops, school programs, civic group presentations
Community events and fundraising activities, such as the annual Fun Dog Show, MayFest, and Mainstreet Christmas Parade
Grant writing, which involves identifying and writing grant proposals to support CCHS programs, such as the Empty Pet Bowls program or the KIND News subscription for all 1st and 3rd grade students in the city and county schools
Publicity – providing copy about CCHS activities for local news media, designing billboards, posters and brochures
Shelter Socializing, which means giving the animals in the adoption area at the shelter some loving, exercise and TLC in hopes of making them more adoptable
Fostering shelter animals, a program in which members rescue animals from the shelter, have them sterilized and immunized, and find them new homes by taking them to PetSmart stores and placing their photos on the internet. All medical costs are subsidized by CCHS.
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